Self-Portrait of the Noted Photograveur Luxet TenebraeI’m not generally one to take the lazy way out, but sometimes other people just do the work better. Just in case you haven’t heard nearly enough of my opinions, the delightful, intelligent, discerning, and prepossessing proprietor of the ever-fascinating Airship Ambassador blog (an aspect of the highly-recommended Airship Ambassador website) recently conducted a wide-ranging interview with me on the subject of Steampunk in general and the specifically my recent photography and publications, which I am sharing in this space with my heartfelt thanks to the merry (and profoundly patient) interlocutor.

My famously loquacious nature (some have referred to my tendencies in less-complimentary terms) compelled the Ambassador to serialize our interview into five parts, lest the sheer volume of my erudite verbiage threaten to overwhelm and capsize the Hartley-Farnum Brazen Vapourware Server Engines on which the site is hosted. Here’s Part One (given my–shall we say–“loquacious nature,” . Part Two may be discovered here. I’ll add links to the other Parts as they are discovered.

Airship Ambassador

This week we are talking with photographer Evan Butterfield, creator of Gentlemen of Steampunk.

Airship Ambassador: Hi Evan, thanks for joining us!

Evan Butterfield: It’s a pleasure.


AA: What is Gentlemen of Steampunk about?

EB: Well, “about” could get a little complicated, because it’s not a story with a plotline, but let’s give it a try. I’ll do a short answer and a long one, and you can sort it out.

The short answer is that it’s a collection of photos of attractive, athletic men wearing Steampunk clothing, who seem to have forgotten to put on their shirts.

The long answer is a little more complicated. It’s about a few things. The first is part of my ongoing world-building effort. I have this Steampunk world in my head that is a little bit unpleasant in some ways, and a little bit better than ours in others, and in…

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