free logo designThree in, and it’s time to talk about titling this blog. “LensCaps” is relevant for a lot of reasons, and I will (not being shy) discuss them here. At the moment I’m talking to myself anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. If you’re reading this and you’re not me, then, well, hooray for you and welcome! If you’re me, then perhaps you should be a bit less self-absorbed and stop Googling yourself. Do some work; take some nice pictures; pet the cat…something useful.

Useful is not, for one thing, what a lens cap is (yes, I once taught English, and have since decided that language is a growing, organic thing not always bound by stifling rules and established usages, so get used to the shameless flaunting of grammatical conventions from time to time. For those who are offended by such things, I humbly apologize and suggest you go re-read Eats, Shoots & Leaves to make yourself feel both happier and generally superior.). (And I think that closing the parenthetical sentence with a period, followed by a close-paren, followed by another period, is most likely correct. Let me know if I’m wrong, and I’ll make a rude gesture in the general direction of the screen.)

Anyway. LensCaps is not the generally-accepted spelling of “lens caps,” but I’m not letting that bother me too much (see previous paragraph’s modest rant). So that’s another reason the title is relevant, because it takes two words and smooshes them together into one, leaving the second one capitalized in the middle of the new single word, just because it’s a winking sort of nod to the fact that I’m perfectly well aware that it’s really two words, and also because it just looks sort of cool that way. And a blog about photography (mostly) should be all about what looks cool to the author/photographer, who in this case would be me. The word we used to use for such winking-nods back in graduate schools was “self-reflexive,” which dear old Merriam defines as “marked by or making reference to its own artificiality or contrivance.” (Now is that fodder for graduate students or what?). Seriously, though, what could be more self-reflexive, really, than a blog? If the occasional ranting of some guy sitting in his pajamas in a condo in Southern California is not mindful of its own artificiality and contrivance, then really it might be time to think about putting someone in the h-o-m-e.

As I was saying, before I so rudely interrupted myself, the usefulness of the lens cap is debatable, much like this blog’s. While the lens cap is of course useful for protecting fabulously expensive lenses from damage, they are not, strictly speaking, necessary. Another parallel with here, I think. On the other hand, a lens cap is occasionally useful, when it’s used and when its use doesn’t interfere with what it is that the camera’s supposed to do. (This is obviously less of a problem with modern cameras than it was with the Instamatics of my distant youth, when whole vacations could be memorialized as a series of black photos because I wasn’t looking through the (covered) viewfinder.)

Also, one frequently forgets (and by “one” I mean me, although cloaking it in a more stilted and stuffy-sounding pronoun helps protect my fragile ego) not only to use the lens cap, but where one left it altogether. Expect similar treatment for this space on the Internet. I will write when I remember to, in bursts of almost religious fervor, much like I always swear to always use the lens cap, and then leave it under the car seat for six months. I suspect my behavior here will be similar, if my past blogging experience is any indicator. This may largely account for the invisibility of my bloggings on the Web, where one must be at least consistent to gather any sort of noticeable readership. Offering the world the digital equivalent of last year’s Golf Digest in the dentist’s waiting room is not a strategy guaranteed to bring blogging success. I will try to be consistent.

Finally, the blog is plural (heigh-ho to the grammarians!), which is also lens-cappian in that I, at least, have lots of lens caps lying around that may or may not fit on any current lenses, much less on any that I may have possessed at any time in the recent past. Similarly, there will be a fair number of posts here, of varying degrees of usefulness, relevance, and interest. Still, like the assorted lens caps, one keeps them around in hopes that maybe they will be of some practical use someday. Once I finish all these run-up posts, I hope to offer, at least occasionally, advice or experience that my, in some way, be relevant to other photographers. In any case I hope to be at least amusing, sometimes. I don’t pretend expertise; I’m just perfectly willing to broadcast my few insights and general ignorance, and waste perfectly good Web-space doing it. At least they’ll be short. Mostly.

Potentially redundant, questionably appropriate, occasionally useful, sometimes practical when used appropriately: that would be lens caps, and that would be LensCaps.